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Tiny Andrew/Dawn snippet

I started writing this, and then realized I had no idea where I was going with it. I left it in script form and didn't flesh it out, but if anyone's super interested, I'll see what I can do with it.


[Buffy angrily drags a half naked Andrew down the stairs. Andrew is still doing up his pants.]

Buffy [to Willow and Xander]: He was in bed with Dawn!

[insert more ranting and discussion]

Buffy [to Andrew]: Don't you have any self control?!

Andrew: You're talking to a twenty one year old virgin; I don't really think self control is the issue.

Xander: [aghast at the idea of being a twenty one year old virgin] Oh my god...

Buffy: But you were in bed. Naked. You weren't... you haven't...?

Andrew: *rolls eyes, big sigh* It's not about getting off. It's not about... proving something, or making sure I checked something off the big list of things everyone needs to do before they die. Graduate, check. Learn to drive, check. Have sex, check. *fidget* It's not even really about Dawn. I just... until like, last week, I didn't even get a hug for like a year. I don't think I can really explain what it's like to have, like, a waitress put her hand on your shoulder, and then realize that's the first time you've been touched in a week. It sucks. This is just... *gestures upstairs* it's just nice to not be alone.
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