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troika_het's Journal

BtVS Troika Het
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troika_slash's evil twin!

Home for fanworks about the Troika from BtVS S6. All content posted must feature as a primary relationship at least one member of the Troika in a heterosexual relationship (i.e. with a *girl*).

Obviously this means all fic should be geek/other f. Polyamourous fic is only acceptable if it is not same-sex (i.e. m/f/f or m/m/f but not m/m/m).

We like girls here.

Slash is permitted, but cannot be the focus of the fic/art.

All art and any fic longer than a drabble must be posted behind a cut tag.

The only reason we should all be here is nerd love. This means no character bashing and definately no flaming. There'll be quite a few slashers around, of whom I am one, so don't try bashing slash either.

Maintainer: vanilla_tiger