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Very new- but a big fan of BtVS

Title:  Taste of Power
Author: Kate!
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Andrew/Dawn.
Summary: Dawn isn't a slayer. Bu she wants power. ((FIRST ONE))

Dawn Summers wasn't a slayer.

Just a girl.

A girl with needs.

She was the key, but the door was gone. A waste of life. But she needed something. She
watched the girls train, watch them get stronger. The big fight was comming, and she wouldn't
be needed.  She watched them. She wanted to be them.

She wanted to feel powerful.

Andrew was in the basement. He was a weak, feelbe mind.  It would be easy for her to take him


Buffy would kill her.

But Buffy never even looked at Dawn anymore. She wasn't going to be a slayer one day. She

wouldn't have to take over the family job.

Buffy wasn't in the picture anymore.

This was between Dawn and the itch she couldn't reach.
The girls were training, even at night. Xander, Spike, and the other's where helping them.  Dawn
was walking around the house, looking for Andrew.  She looked in the kitchin, and saw the
mess the girls left. If her mother could see this, she'd die once more.  Buffy was using the home
of her dead mother as a rat hole.

Dawn was sick of girls her age becoming stronger. She wanted to be strong.

Andrew was walking down the stairs to the basement. Dawn had to act now.


He turned around. "Oh, hi Dawn."

"I need to talk to you in the basement...it's...well.."

"What's wrong?"

"It's about Buffy. I just--" Dawn walked down to where he was. "You need to hear this."

Her heels clicked along the way. They sat on  the meeting table. No one was down there. Dawn

sat next to him.

"After the fight....the big fight......I don't know how to say this."

"You're scaring the Luke Skywalker out of me."

"Buffy said..if you don't die ...she'll kill you."

Andrew's face freaked. Dawn held his hand. "Are you ...sure she said that?" His voice cracked
alittle.  Dawn moved closer to hold him.

"I'm sorry...I'm so sorry. I won't let her touch you..." She kissed his shoulder. Then raised her
head and kissed his face. Andrew pulled back.

"What are you doing?"

"Andrew....are you a virgin?"

Andrew stood up. "Whaty? Of course..not...what? Why? What's happening?" Dawn just sat

"I'm so scared. Buffy's talking about the end of the world..and I'm just...I'm scared. I don't want
to die ..unloved."

"Oh, cheer up buttercup." Andrew sat down again. "You're sister will save us all." Dawn moved
closer again. Everything was working to plan. They sat there for awhile.

"Andrew..I want to make love with you."

"...come again?"  Dawn took her hand and slide it down his pants to his crotch. She looked him
in the eyes as she felt his penis. She smiled. Andrew stood up.

"You're 16!" Dawn stood up.

"Do I look 16?" She took off her hoody, showing her only wearing a halter top, going down to her
naval. Andrew looked at her perky breast.

"No...but Buffy would kill me."

"She's going to anyway...why not?" Dawn walked closer to him, pinning him against the wall.

She took her hair down, letting it flow down her shoulders. Andrew started to breath heavy. Dawn started to take off her top.


"I want you Andrew. How many times have you ever heard that?" Dawn took off her top and threw it against the bed.  She dragged him over to the bed. Andrew was shocked.


"No talking." She started to take off his pants. Finally, Andrew got into it. He started to kiss her ears. Dawn pulled his pants down and as he started to touch her breast. Andrew was naked, as Dawn stood up.. He kissed him and he kissed back.  Andrew unzipped her pants as they fell onto the bed. Dawn was on top.

She started at his chest and started to kiss down to his belly button. She licked it, slowly then hard. She looked at up at him and his eyes where closed. Her cold hands touched the base of his cock and tickled it. She licked her finger and ran it around his length down to the head. She grinned at the thought of his wants.

"Like this?"

He couldn't speak. He only gasped. She kissed it, and then took her think tounge taste it. Around and around. She loved it, she loved the power. The taste of teasing him.  She stopped and looked up.

"Almost there?"

"Why'd you stop?" She grinned and stood up and took off her pants. He whinned. He wanted more. She slowly got back on the bed and finished what she started. She ran her fingers along his legs and took it all. She smiled and took it out.

"Tell me when you're gonna."

"Gonna what?"

"Cum, dumbass." She licked it long and slow and went up and kissed him. She flipped over so he was on top. She smiled and opened her legs.

"She'll kill me if she finds out."

"I want it. I need it."

Andrew found it. He slipped into to her, very slow, because he knew it was her first. His first. He didn't want to make it painful for anyone. More and more he slipped in. Dawn started to tear up from pain.  Andrew finally got in. Dawn moaned. "That's what it feels like."

"Are you okay?"

"Just.. do what you want." Andrew started slowly go in and out. The fiction wasn't alot, they both were wet. The faster he went the more and more Dawn wanted it.  She rubbed her hands on his side, and then on his ass. 

"I'm gonna cum."

"Do it."

"Are you...on.."

"No. Just do it. I wanna feel it in me."

The moment he did, he moaned and fell ontop of her. She screamed alittle. Andrew smiled and kissed her. She didn't kiss back. She sat up and looked at Andrew. "Do it again."

"Dawn...I gotta rest here."

"That wasn't anything! I want more. Do it. Now." She grabbed his cock and licked the cum off her fingers. "Mmm.. you taste like candy." Andrew tasted it.

"It's more salty this time. And I think that's blood."

"My blood. You were my first. Now I need you to do it agian." She got on top this time.  "You think is what it felt when Spike was fucking my sister? Do you think it was like this? Or worse? More kink? Do you think she...let...him...drink her blood?" She was riding him so hard it was hitting the wall. "You think she liked it when he'd lick her out and he'd feed?" She slapped Andrew. "Answer me!"

"I don't know..I just..oh God."

"You like that? Don't ya?" She kissed his head. and stood up. Andrew looked at her.

"Where are you going?"

"I'm done for now. If I need more, I'll be back." Dawn put on her pants and her hoody and put her hair up.  Andrew laid in the bed naked.

"I thought you loved me."

"I loved the power." She smiled and kissed him one more time. "You took my V card. You own me now. But more importantly, I took yours.  I'll be back." She walked up the stairs. The first person she saw was Buffy. She smelled something.

"What were you doing?"


"Go look up on Andrew. He seems up to something." Buffy walked away as Dawn grinned.
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