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Hello. Never posted in a community before. I'm a late starter. Anyway, going public with my journal so thought I may as well go public-public with the teeny amounts of disturbing and/or silly troika fic I've written:

Three Days Older: Episode fic, Dead Things. W/K, B/S, Andrew crush on Warren. (R)

Once Upon A Road: Andrew and Dawn post-Chosen. No sex. (PG)

Nice community, have been reading it for a while. Glad to be here.
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Yay! So glad to see you here, and because I forget to comment earlier I loved the last installment of your colours fic and adore your portrayal of Katrina's friends.
Thanks to you. And hurrah for Katrina's friends, which an outgoing woman like that must have had and wouldn't they have been suspicious of her dying in Sunnydale where that creep Warren lived?