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Drabble: An Odd Couple (pg) (Warren/Kennedy)

Sorry it took so long, this ended up with a diff feel then what had first popped into my head when I saw the challenge, but I like this one too. Warren redemption in a way. sighs. For aaronlisa .. thankyou for being so patient. lol.

pairing: Warren/Kennedy
Title: An Odd Couple
Line: "I never thought I would end up with the guy that almost destroyed my ex-girlfriend."

warning: spoilery for season 6 and 7 btvs, if you don't like Warren(if he were to come back and seek redemption after seeing what his image had been used for in season 7 and etc....different than he was before on the show) and you didn't like Kennedy, then don't read. This has them together but is not really a big shippy thing in this drabble. um, and it's not beta'd. lol, so please don't flame for mispellings/grammer.

rating: um, pg probably.
Disclaimer: characters belong to joss
wordcount: rofl, I think it's 743.. wow. lol.


"Hey, could you grab me a snack?!", Kennedy's voice hollered from inside the living room, stomping of exercise clear also.

Warren opened the fridge, staring at it's contents, the left half filled with healthy foods like apples, oj, home made sandwiches, fruits and veggies.. His side, the right, was filled with things that could be nuked in 10 seconds, old Chinese, cheeze wiz, cupcakes, sodas, and his one somewhat healthy fascination of late.. those Frusion yogurt smoothies. The differences in taste obvious, like he and the woman he'd come to share his living space with.

The difference between them wasn't the only thing that shocked many. But the fact that he'd been sent back to make up for redemption, having made the choice after having gone through a violent death, and then having seen what the first had done to Andrew and Jonathan through HIS form.. and perhaps the final decision was made when he'd, from some spell cast on Willow, been forced to relive experiences and merge into her body only then he'd ended up experiencing what Willow was feeling too, and pointing a gun at someone who he hadn't even known... After seeing and feeling it all, including the comfort in the Kennedy's arms even as he faded away from the merge with Willow's body.. he'd been shuddering with regret and sorrow. The Powers had allowed him this redemption, this second chance, still remembering all he'd done, but giving him a chance to help people, lost souls teetering at that edge, and perhaps a chance at happiness if he could make life work this time.

He'd come back after the destruction of Sunnydale, but was dropped off or to use a technical term, poofed out of thin air into this very apartment. Into Kennedy's. And she'd been home, of course she'd recognized his face and his hers and there had been hysteria from him trying to explain. Threats from her because she hadn't known if it was him, a killer, or Willow back in town, after they'd broken up, somehow in Warren's body again. NONE of it had gone well at first. Who in their right mind would have bought Warren being sent back for redemption? It'd taken months and to gain any semblance of what you could call trust from the other slayers, Andrew, Giles.. but Kennedy had eventually been the first, knowing he'd had no where and had been watching him stay in hotel rooms, working crap jobs to scrounge money, watching him try to help people, fighting physically and helping them in what ways he could, in alleys, in the dark and dank places that many slayers feared to go without a drop of restraint and wholly focused....going back to his apartment severely beaten at times, bloody and scratched many times... the first to allow him a real home, to speak up and be on his side.

Warren grinned pushed up his black-rimmed glasses, then tugged up the gray sleeves of his sweater. Choosing some turkey, cheese and mayo light for a sandwich and water and and orange. He fixed them up and brought a plate and her cup into the living room, setting them on the coffee table.

Now there were times when they backed each other up and were even quite companionable.. there were hints of something else there, a spark that they couldn't quite speak of and was in no way yet ready to be explored. But it waited.

"Thanks." Kennedy smiled at him as he stepped back to watch her movements, admiring how more fluid they'd gotten with practice. The brunette stopped to towel herself down.... and tilted her head at his quietness, used to it now, responding to it as if he'd said something.. she looked at Warren with thoughtfulness "I never thought I would end up with the guy that almost destroyed my ex-girlfriend."

He knew she meant the mergence with Willow. They'd talked. Maybe deep down he secretly hoped that it would in the way future mean another thing.

There was silence after she said it.

Then, ".. and I never thought I'd be making a snack for such a brat, so we're equal." he deadpanned then laughed and grinned when he was thwacked with a towel.


not exactly what was perhaps wanted, but it's what I could come up with. lol, sorry if it's sucky and not very shippy. Muse wasn't exactly jumping today, but I hope it's decent.
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